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The 19th International Conference on Rare Earth Elements convened in the city of San Antonio, USA between 18-20th of this month.

The Khalzan Buregtei project team took active participation in this event, joining the ranks of over 450 leading experts and researchers from approximately 120 companies dedicated to the rare earth elements domain.

At the conference, we delved into discussions about rare earth element projects from every corner of the world, had the privilege of gaining valuable insights and exchanging experiences about magnet production and cutting-edge separation plant technologies.  At the moment there are 144 rare earth elements projects being developed all around the world with target to come into operation between 2024-2026. Investors and countries are interested in heavy rare earth projects. Mongolia needs to develop our rare earth projects soon in order to establish its base within the industry.

The information we gathered is instrumental in shaping our future strategies and projects.



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