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Presentation of Khalzan Buregtei Project Team's 2023 Activity Report to Myangad Sum

Updated: Mar 20

More than 100 citizens participated in the open day.

  • Exploration work in 2023,

  • Research report on radiation background level monitoring,

  • Environmental, Social, Local and Public activity reports,

  • In addition to learning about the activities planned for this year, getting answers to their questions, they gave their suggestions and recommendations to the project team.

On this occasion, G. Oyunbolor, Research Officer of Bayalag Undrach Govi LLC, who conducted a monitoring study on the natural radiation background level of the Khalzan buregtei project area in 2022-2023, presented his research report and gave detailed answers to the interested citizens' questions.

Also, on the occasion of the upcoming Lunar New Year, gifts were presented to seniors over 60 who attended the presentation day.



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