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MNREC’s goal is to make Khalzan Buregtei a major, global, long-term supplier of the rare earths needed for the permanent magnets that are critical for the Green Revolution’s renewable energy technologies, electric cars and smartphones. The project’s Preliminary Economic Assessment, completed in 2021, confirms that Khalzan Buregtei is rich in Nd and Pr, the two LREEs necessary for high-quality permanent magnets, and in Dy and Tb, the two HREEs necessary for permanent magnets that can operate in high temperature environments like car motors and jet engines. These four metals account for 77% of the REE basket value of Khalzan Buregtei’s ore. We aim to produce a concentrate with a total REE grade approaching 10%, and to refine and extract the key rare earths at a separation plant that feeds the supply chain outside of China. ​

The project’s Prefeasibility Study is now underway, coordinated by Wood plc, with Sherritt Technologies assessing processing options, and RPM Global establishing the mineral reserves that feed a decades-long production plan. RedDot3D has provided technical oversight for Khalzan Buregtei since it was first drilled in 2012-2013 and continues to serve as an advisor to MNREC.

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